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Through one of the hotel doors to a beach.

Since Grey's arrival, Cinna and he have seldom left Cinna's room, now their room, for anything but the necessity of food and drink. Even then those treks into the kitchens or the bistro have been quick, harried things that sent them back into the safe cocoon of their room, still the room from the Capitol, but somehow even that sterile room is made more homey if just by the presence of Grey. In the Capitol Cinna had so seldom let anyone in far enough to truly know him. It's a wondrous thing to be truly known as Grey does Cinna, and what an addictive and dangerous thing it is too. Cinna had been briefly lost without it, without Grey.

Today just so happens to be the day that they decide to venture out. Cinna picks up some things and takes Grey to a door he had seen before but not gone through. The door has changed, of course. And this means they traipse the hallways in search of it, opening doors to fantastical worlds and closing them again, one by one, until finally they come upon the right one, only a different door.

Cinna has wanted to take Grey here because it's unlike anything in Teleios. It's also the exact opposite of Grey's world. The sun is shinning. It's warm but not too hot. They walk right onto a sandy beach, the ocean spread out before them like the massive, never-ending thing it is. Behind them is a walkway with hotels, bars and eateries. Several beach chairs are laid out with massive umbrellas over them. Cinna has told Grey to go barefoot and they both have. They wear shorts and tees.

Taking Grey's hand, Cinna walks with him, feet sinking into and crunching on the soft sand. Even the feeling of sand beneath their feet and between their toes is something of a novelty. "What do you think? Beautiful, isn't it?"
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The air, the sky, the ground, how it gives beneath his feet. All of this has Grey wide-eyed and stepping carefully, head seemingly on a swivel to try to take it all in.

It's true: Grey has never felt anything like this. The air seems heavy, almost, like a touch, albeit a gentle one. Cinna's hand in his, as always, grounds him and he feels that much safer as he looks around, squinting against the sun.

He nods slowly. Yes, it's beautiful, it really is. He bends down, one hand still in Cinna's, the other tracing through what they walk on. He lets it run through his fingers as he looks up at his lover, quizzical expression on his face. What is this?
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Endless ice and snow, indeed. That is what Grey knew. But this. The "ocean."

It's so blue! It's so big.

Ocean, made of water. Grey follows, just that half-step behind. He still doesn't know how to swim. Already the sun is warm on his shoulders, on his head. It feels like it's relaxing him, like it's a kind of warmth that can seep into his very bones.

Catching Cinna before they get too close to the edge of the fizzing, foaming water, Grey meets his lover's gaze, using the palm of their joined hand to 'write' a word there. S-W-I-M-M-I-N-G?, he spells.
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The sun can change the color of Grey's skin?! How does that work, he wonders? He squints up at the sky, feeling that corresponding warmth on his face.

He'd like that, he thinks, though the crashing of the waves makes him that little bit anxious about being in the water. What if he cannot keep up with the crashing?

Well, he supposes they'll find out.

If it will darken his skin, will it darken Cinna's? He draws a line down his lover's arm. Yes, his, too? Because Cinna's skin is like spun sugar to him; he loves the feel and taste of it more than almost anything.
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Moving obediently, Grey lifts his arms, letting himself be undressed, then he turns, offering his tattooed back to Cinna to put on the lotion. He isn't sure what it does, but since when has that mattered?

Of course, Cinna's hands are warm and the lotion is, too. The sun seeps further into his bones. He likes it, curving his back under the touches. If he made noise, he would be purring.

Cinna's fingers make him feel good, always. He watches the water come in and pull back, in and back, over and over. It's almost hypnotizing.

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Of course. Grey takes the bottle and did as Cinna did, smearing some onto his hands and rubbing them together. Then he touches, putting the lotion on warm skin, tracing all the curves and angles and muscles.

It feels intimate to do this with all the people around (where did these people come from? Who are they? Grey wonders this idly, but doesn't think to ask. All that matters is the two of them anyway).

Cinna's chest, first, then his arms, then he moves to trace along his back. There are some light scratches there, from their night together. That makes Grey smile just a little; he can't help himself: Cinna gets him carried away.

Back around to the front, then, where he too can lather Cinna's face and his ears - carefully - so carefully, his calloused fingers as gentle as he can make them.
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That water - it keeps hissing and fizzing and that ... well, that can be dangerous, can't it? That's ...

Not that Grey's afraid. He's not. Well, he is a little. But he doesn't doubt Cinna and, for the most part, he doesn't doubt himself. Grey nods, chewing on his lower lip, and he feels the sand between his toes as they walk.

When they get to where the tide is rolling in, he stops, feeling the bubbling water fizz out over his toes and then withdraw.

That's exciting, he realizes. Warm and exciting. His eyes brighten a little more as he looks over at Cinna.
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The water is almost tickling, the way it bubbles around their ankles.

It's not like the pool they went in together, which was still and so strangely blue-green.

This water is the kind of blue that makes Grey's heart feel different.

He squeezes Cinna's hand and nods. He's heard and he understands and, after taking a deep breath, he starts to wade in a little deeper, a bit at a time. He keeps a very firm grasp of Cinna's hand.
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When the water is around Grey's hips, he can feel himself swaying with the movement of the sea. It's lulling in its own way. Of course, Cinna's voice adds to that, as does the heat of the sun.

The horizon of the water seems so very far away, especially to him, that he doesn't even try to imagine swimming there. But the idea of the water being salty - that appeals to him, just to try. Not to drink it.

He too licks at one of his fingers that had been skimming along the surface of the water.

It's the most salty thing he's ever tasted! He points to a tattooed word. Why? What makes the water so salty?
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A book would be good. That is something that Grey and Cinna like to do together, and Grey truly enjoys. Everything he learns is that much better when it comes in Cinna's voice. Of course, Grey isn't going to judge what Cinna does or doesn't know. He knows so very little that he can often feel overwhelmed when he thinks on it too much.

So, now he nods, lifts a foot and feels the weight and pull of the water, and he wades deeper, a little bit at a time.
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Float? On the water?! That seems suitably impossible. Grey cannot imagine being able to do that, so he wants to try, as long as Cinna is there. For Cinna, he knows, will not let him be hurt.
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There's resistance at first, because while Grey is far from heavy, he is sturdy and he doesn't wish to cause pain. But, he realizes belatedly, that the water - somehow - makes him lighter. Makes him easier to lift. Isn't that something? He stares at Cinna wide-eyed as he just seems to ... well, float.

After a moment, he spreads an arm leaning his head back a little to look up at the sky, feeling the water move around and under him.

He likes it. He likes it a lot.
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It is Cinna's touch that keeps Grey settled. Otherwise, he wouldn't be nearly as comfortable as he feels. This floating is indeed a kind of magic. Grey nods to the question, opening his eyes to watching Cinna's face. It isn't convenient to write a word that he would say here and of course there are no bracelets, so he mouths it.


He feels free.
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That one touch is enough that Grey doesn't even notice it's gone, not for a while. The sun is warm on his front, the water cool on the rest of him and Grey stares up at the blue of the sky and he feels the sting in his eyes; this is something so simple, yet so profound at the same time. It touches him in a way he's totally surprised by, and he turns his gaze back to Cinna, looking in a way probably so very young in this moment.

Cinna has been a part of the most profound experiences Grey has had (aside from his death, of course) and this is no exception.
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And just like that, everything is more complete than it was, more full and more right.

Grey gasps into the kiss and sighs, too, and he reaches up a hand to touch Cinna's cheek with is enough to throw his balance in his floating off and send him flailing.

How embarrassing. Water splashing everywhere and that quick sense of fear of drowning. He clings quickly to Cinna much like a wet cat.
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Grappling tight to Cinna's shoulders, Grey kicks his feet in the water before he settles, knowing he's all right.

That was a little scary, but he's okay. Silly, but okay. He even blushes a little bit, but it hardly shows in his dark complexion in the sun.

This does, though, give him a chance to wrap himself around Cinna and to hold on.
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It's hard to let go in such a foreign environment, to entirely give over to this sensation. Grey trusts Cinna implicitly, but this is all so new.

He has to concentrate hard on it, on letting his body not be so rigid, on trusting Cinna and his voice to make sure everything is all right. But it does gradually happen and he lets out a low, ragged breath, feeling the sun on him, the water under him, Cinna's reassuring hold.

The rock and the roll of the tide soothes him in a way he hasn't known before. Perhaps it's like the train in some primal way.